Ethnic patterns of adaptation to the host society based in personal networks data

The following drawings show the different patterns of adaptation to the host society. The data is drawn from the Acculturation project database and show the mean of all personal networks collected. Each personal nework has its corresponding drawing (not shown in this page). Juergen Lerner, Graduate student, Department of Computer & Information Science, University of Konstanz [email] [web], is working in this set of visualizations.

Sizes and withds are proportional to the number of actors and the number of ties; grey scale refers to the density of ties within each group.

Origin (both born and living in the origin country),
(born in the origin country and living in the host country),
(both born and living in the host country) and
(all the others cases).

Argentineans in Spain
Morroquians in Spain
Dominicans in Spain
Dominicans in the USA
Cubans in the USA
Puertorricans in the USA
Equatorial Guineans in Spain
Haitians in the USA
Colombians in the USA
Mexicans in the USA
SeneGambians in Spain