3th edition of the SUMMER COURSE Theory, methods and applications of social networks. Dynamic Analysis with SIENA (2 ECTS*)

6th - 10th July 2009
Computer Lab
Facultat de Lletres - Psicología - UAB

This 3th edition of the international summer course is intended to graduate students, researchers or professionals interested in an introduction to the theory and methods of social networks and especially in dynamic analysis of social networks with SIENA. The sessions will be both in Spanish and English, except the SIENA workshop, mainly in English. At the end of each session participants should complete a task and send it to professors. The last session is devoted to presentations by participants. The participants who complete the scheduled tasks will get an official recognition of credits.

Course materials are available here.

10:00- 14:00 Wellcome. Introduction to SNA. Sociocentric networks with Ucinet6-NetDraw (José Luis Molina)   Network analysis with visone  (Jürgen Lerner) Workshop SIENA (William J. Burk) Workshop SIENA (William J. Burk)

Presentations by participants- International Meeting.

16:00-18:30 Redes personales con Egonet
(José Luis Molina - Javier Ávila )
Personal Network analysis  (Miranda J. Lubbers). Workshop SIENA (William J. Burk) Preparation personal presentations.

During the morning will be a break of 30 minutes.

Professors (this list can change): William J. Burk (Leiden University, The Netherlands), Jürgen Lerner (University of Konstanz, Germany), José Luis Molina, Miranda J. Lubbers and Javier Ávila (UAB).

Fees: 350€ in the Postgraduate School by web. Once accepted in the Summer course payment can be done from the 2 to the 30th of June [Fee]

People interest have to send their vitae and their interest or research problem to gr.egoredes@uab.es

Accommodation can be find in the same University, either as apartment  or in the Hotel Campus. The lunch is provided by the course. We normally have lunch together at 14:00 (a bit late for European or American usages). The best way for getting the UAB from Barcelona is by train with the "Ferrocarils de la Generalitat de Catalunya, FGC", lines S2 and S55.  There is a stop station for the University "Universitat Autònoma". From Catalunya Square (at the Centre of Barcelona) the trip takes about 30 minutes. From the station to "Facultat de Lletres" or to the "Vil•la" (the accomodation facilities) the walk takes about 10 minutes.

There is another stop  station from Renfe named "Cerdanyola-Universitat" but it is a bit far from the Campus, so we recommend strongly to take the FGC line instead.

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(*) The number of hours for each ECTS in the EU are now 25 instead of a flexibe range of 18-25 , so the new number of ECTS for this summer course is 2 instead of 3, like in lasts editions.