Course materials

Session 1. 21 June 2010. Welcome to participants. Introduction to Social Networks.  Sociocentric and Personal Networks approaches.  José Luis Molina
  • Course syllabus [doc]
  • Social Networks: a non-technical introduction [ppt]
  • Vargas-Quesada, Benjamín, Moya-Anegón, Félix de (2007). Visualizing the Structure of Science. Springer [pdf]
  • Hanneman Robert A. & Mark Riddle (2005). Introduction to social network methods. [htm]
  • Assignment [doc]
  • Personal Network Analysis [ppt]
  • Workshop personal networks [doc] [ego file]
  • Assignment [doc]
  • Geographical repartition of migrants personal networks in Catalonia [ppt]
  • The statistical analysis of personal network data [ppt]
  • Reasons for gaining and losing contacts among migrants in Barcelona [ppt]
Session 2. Tuesday 22 June 2010. Network analysis with visone. Juergen Lerner
Session 3. Wednesday 23 June 2010.  SIENA workshop. Bill Burk
  • Bill Burk's RSiena slides [pdf]
  • SIENA Download and installation [htm]
  • Assignment SIENA [pdf]
  • Assignment ERGM [pdf]
Session 4.  Thursday. Personal work.



Session 4.  Friday 25 June 2010. Presentations by participants. Farewell.
  • Presentation of Personal Networks Observatory.
  • Presentations by participants.